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Welcome to GroundhogPay! Here, you'll find all the information you need to integrate with Groundhog.

After following the steps on this page you will be able to guide customers through friction-free checkout, securely accept recurring payments in cryptocurrency, and monitor, as well as maintain, your customers crypto subscriptions.

Collecting recurring payments with Groundhog

Accepting a recurring crypto payment using Groundhog is a two-part process with a client-side and a server-side action.

Client-side action

GroundhogPay securely processes a subscription transaction from your website and returns a payment token. This, along with any other form data, is then submitted by the browser to your server.

Server-side action

Using the payment token, your server-side code will make an API request to GroundhogPay. The API request will prompt GroundhogPay to create and transaction and process your payment.


Here is a sample page with Groundhog pay checkout module enabled.


  <title>Groundhog Pay Checkout Demo</title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css">
  <script src=""></script>

<div id="unique-id1" style="width: 350px; background-color: blue"></div>
<button id="button-id1">Pay With Groundhog</button>
    apiKey: '0c312dd0-4b2a-11e9-add3-b71b6de3dfd9',
        root: 'button-id1',
        subDetails: {
          plan: 'Streamer',
          periodDescription: 'Monthly',
          startDate: '1-16-2019',
          // expiryDate: '1-16-2020',
          amount: 249,
          period: 'MONTH',
          unique: 1,
        onToken: function(token) {
          /* Your code here */


GroundhogPay uses an API key to verify merchants in our platform. You can register to become a merchant by following this link: Apply here

Example apiKey: a81bc81b-abcd-4e5d-abff-90865d1e13b2

Widget Parameters

Parameter Type Description
apiKey string Key provided once registration is complete.
root string ID of the element you wish to bind a click event to reveal the payment modal.
subDetails object Holds te details of a subscription that you wish to charge for.
plan string Type of plan.
periodDescription string Text representation of billing period.
startDate date (Optional) Date that the user will first be billed. (will default to the day the subscription is created if no startDate is specified)
expiryDate date (Optional) Date last payment will be processed.
amount int Value in DAI the user pays at the specified frequency.
period string How often the user will be billed can be the following values (DAY, WEEK, MONTH, THREE_MONTH, SIX_MONTH, YEAR, TWO_YEAR, THREE_YEAR))
unique int This value allows a single account to have more then one subscription, this value needs to be monitored by you.